Claudia Swanes
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Claudia Swanes

Ceo Partner Director

Allow me to share my vision with you and why I started working on this amazing career.

Claudia Swanes opened her first Real Estate agency in 1994 in Lima, Peru and worked very successfully in a very difficult market until 2002 when she came to Miami. In Miami, she worked as a Real Estate Agent earning the Chairman Circle Award for sales of $8 million belonging to the circle of top agent since she began her career, her results are available upon request.

Assisting both buyers and sellers in helping them in the complex process of finding a property while negotiating with other agents. I also communicate with clients thoroughly in order to identify exactly what kind of property they are looking for and also get the most monetary value for the seller that places their trust with us.

"There are no language and distance barriers for me because thanks to my connections with top agents locally and internationally, I can help you sell your property anywhere in the world". A perfect example is when I achieved to connect one top agent from Colombia a US local Colombian seller asked me to help him to find the agent in the city of Medellin Colombia and the sale was a success!, I can do the same if you need to sell or buy in any city or part of the world.

Currently, all indicators point to South Florida homes and condos as the new epicenter of the up-and coming condo boom. My job is to find you the exact property at the right price in a smooth and efficient manner that will satisfy the most demanding clients.

Treating our customers as family since our goal is to be your Real Estate agents for life.

We have achieved success as a result of mastering the combination of strong market knowledge, negotiating skills, pricing strategies, remarkable customer service, ability to educate buyers and sellers and the use of our own customized marketing tools that we have obtained from our own experiences and renewing ourselves every year to be the best, we market beyond the extraordinary we also are Miami local Real Estate experts but our global exposure and connections are unbeatable.

I thank all my past and present customers for their trust and support in doing business with us since 2005 of Real Estate experience in the Southeast Florida market, serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

We work Residential, Commercial, Property Management and financing.

DIRECT: (305) 978-8685



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